Pano na?

Seryoso na ‘to Dude. Hindi na ito biro. Bawal na ang porn sa bansa natin. What a barbaric act of movement!!  Pakinang anampaluchang shameless order yan bruh! WHY??

What do they expect from banning porn. This is pointless.  Here’s why:

Internet is for porn bruh

” There’s always some new site…FOR PORN

I can browse all day and night…FOR PORN

The internet is really great…FOR PORN

I have a fast connection, so I never have to really wait… FOR PORN

I’m glad we have this technology…FOR PORN

It gives us untold opportunity…FOR PORN

I can browse at the speed of light…FOR PORN

PORN IS LIFE,  “.- Dudestop

Yung katiting na kaligayahan…  taragis, kinukuha pa.

I’m shocked. SHOCKED.

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